Pauline Tantot Takes A Naked Nap & Posts Pics On Instagram

Pauline Tantot took to her Instagram page yesterday to share a new photo series of herself enjoying a "naked nap." In the two snaps, the model showed off her curves and seemed to be making the most out of her downtime on a bed with blue sheets.

The hottie kicked it off with a photo that was all about her booty as she cropped out her face and left the focus on her incredible physique. Pauline laid on her stomach and the comforter, which had a light blue design with white patches throughout, covered her legs but left her derrière on show. The natural light from a window lit up her curves and back and left her skin glowing.

The next shot revealed more of the model as she was photographed hugging a pillow. She rested her head on top with her eyes closed and had a hint of a smile on her face. Her sideboob peeked through and her booty was again hard to miss.

The sensation wore her hair down and brushed behind her shoulders and she appeared to be sporting a minimal makeup application. Her light pink manicure and her crescent moon tattoo on her forearm were also visible in the picture. She didn't appear to be wearing any accessories besides her usual ear piercings.

Pauline was in a room with two different types of wallpaper -- one that was a muted dark green with a busy white floral design, and another that was a matching color with white vertical stripes. The side table next to the bed was decorated with a small lamp, while a gold light switch was located next to the headboard.

This update proved popular and garnered over 450,400 likes and 4,200 comments. Many people took to the comments section to rave about her good looks, and there was lots of love from French-speaking fans, with English-speakers also chiming in.

"Omg girl of my dreams!" gushed a supporter.

"'Perfection' is too little to define you," complimented a second admirer.

"Omg more shots like that plz," requested a third social media user.

"Why are you so gorgeous?" asked a follower.

Although Pauline shares lots of provocative pics on her social media page, she doesn't share nude images that often. However, she did just that on December 26, 2019, that time sharing a three-part photo series of herself enjoying a bubble bath. In the first two photos, the stunner sat and held a handful of bubbles, censoring herself with her arms and the foamy water. The bombshell wore her hair slicked back into a high ponytail and accessorized with a necklace.