Walt Disney World Resort Closing, Disney Cruise Line Halting Departures Due To Threat Of Coronavirus

The coronavirus is wreaking havoc all around the world and it is not holding back because some places are the most magical or happiest places on Earth. On Thursday afternoon, The Walt Disney Company revealed that they would be closing their parks on the west coast. Now, it has been confirmed that the parks of the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida are also going to be temporarily closing this weekend.

Also, Disney Cruise Line is going to cease its operations beginning this weekend as well.

Many of those vacationing for Spring Break are going to have to change their plans, but not due to their own choosing. A lot of people have decided to take their own measures, but the closure of the parks at Walt Disney World is forcing many to alter their vacation plans.

According to the official Twitter account of Disney Parks News, Walt Disney World Resort is closing its theme parks beginning at the close of business on Sunday, March 15. The parks are going to remain closed until the end of the month.

On that date, Disneyland Paris Resort will be closing the doors on its parks for the same length of time.

The resort hotels at both theme park locations will remain open until further notice. Disney Springs shopping district at Walt Disney World and Disney Village at Disneyland Paris are set to remain open during the other closure times.

Many have been concerned about going on a cruise during this threat of the coronavirus as well, and Disney is aware of it. The announcement also confirmed that Disney Cruise Line is going to cease operations for a while this month.

Beginning on Saturday, March 14, Disney Cruise Line will suspend all new departures from all ports. This practice is going to continue through the end of March.

Guests who have bookings at Walt Disney World, on Disney Cruise Line, or at Disneyland can contact the reservation line for their options. Refunds and the rescheduling of trips are possible and Disney can help advise on any options that may be available to each guest.

The other international Disney Parks have already been closed for quite a while.

Magic Kingdom at sunset in Walt Disney World.
Danny Cox

One positive thing of note in this whole mess is that The Walt Disney Company will pay its cast members during the closure period. Those who aren't able to work due to their locations being closed will still receive pay since they cannot help missing work.

At a time like this, the threat of the coronavirus is truly causing serious problems around the world. Walt Disney World and Disneyland closing are just some of the bumps in the road, but there are options for those who have had their vacations interrupted.