Abigail Ratchford Spices Things Up In A Thong Bodysuit

Abigail Ratchford stunned in a skintight cheetah-print bodysuit on her Instagram stories, wowing her 9 million followers with sexy poses and a lot of skin.

In the first photo, the 28-year-old model arched her back and leaned forward for the shot while resting one hand on her chin. She looked at the camera directly and seductively.

With this pose, fans could see the outline of her curves in the brown and taupe animal-print ensemble. While the long-sleeved, mock-turtleneck bodysuit covered up her top half, her bare derriere was on display. In this picture, however, the majority of her booty was covered by her super-long, jet-black hair, which cascaded down her back in pin-straight strands.

The second image was taken from behind, and Abigail looked over her shoulder with a "come hither" look on her face. She posed with her thumb in her mouth, appearing as if she were seductively biting her finger.

Her hair was parted in the middle and was tossed over her shoulder. It tumbled all the way down to her butt, just about grazing it. From this angle — with her back to the camera — fans could see her entire sun-kissed bottom.

As for her makeup, Abigail's dark eyebrows were shaded in with pencil and arched high over her eyes, making her olive green irises stand out.

Her thick lashes were coated with black mascara and fanned out and curled upward. She wore heavy black eyeliner around her lids and waterline, which made the whites of her eyes glow. A champagne-colored shadow dusted her lids and sparkled in the inner corner of her eyes. The glittery hue transitioned into an orange shadow that touched her brow bone.

Abigail's cheeks were brushed with both bronzer and a warm pink blush, which made her cheekbones pop. Her pout was lined with a rosy pink lip liner and filled in with a frosty pink gloss.

Her nails were lacquered with a baby pink polish.

As The Inquisitr readers and Abigail Ratchford fans know, the brunette bombshell often shares sexy photos of herself on her Instagram grid and Instagram story.

The model's latest selfie showed her wearing a skimpy, blue-and-white bikini top that showcased her voluminous bust, which took center stage in the sultry image. She stared at the camera with bedroom eyes, with one eye covered by a lock of hair.

As of press time, the selfie has more than 166,000 likes and garnered close to 2,000 comments.