Sofia Bevarly Tugs On Bikini Bottoms In Sexy Beachside Snap

Sofia Bevarly poses for a selfie.
Sofia Bevarly / Instagram

Model Sofia Bevarly has been delighting her Instagram followers over the past few days with photos that show her flaunting her incredible figure in an array of skimpy outfits. From sexy corset tops to form-fitting athletic wear, she looks good in everything. On Thursday, she uploaded an image that saw her rocking a tiny bikini.

Sofia’s update caught her wearing a tangerine orange swimsuit that flattered her skin tone. The top featured classic, triangle-style cups that left a good bit of her breasts exposed, flashing quite a bit of sideboob. The bottoms were skimpy with thin strings on the sides.

The picture captured Sofia on a beach with the ocean rolling ashore behind her. She was the only person within yards as she enjoyed a large area of the coast. On the other side of the image was a stone wall lined with palm trees and other tropical foliage. Turquoise water glistened in the sunlight, while a few wispy clouds could be seen in the blue sky.

Sofia stood on the beach in her bare feet and faced the camera at a slight side angle. She pulled on the strings of the swimsuit bottoms in a flirty manner. She posed with one knee bent, accentuating the curve of her hips as well as her toned thighs. Her ample chest and flat abs were also on display. Her skin also glowed due to the sunlight hitting her back.

The beauty’s long hair was parted on the side and tossed over one shoulder. She let her natural beauty shine through as she looked to be wearing little to no makeup.

In the caption, she plugged an event in Las Vegas. She also tagged retailer The Bikini Block for the bathing suit.

Many of her fans loved seeing her in the tiny two-piece.

“The color looks great on you!!! So Beautiful!!! Love it!!!” gushed one Instagram user.

“you are a very erotic woman and you have a super perfect body,” a second follower told her.

“Your the most beautiful woman in the world Sofia,” said a third admirer.

“you are the woman of my dreams,” commented a fourth fan.

Sofia definitely knows how to wear a bikini, and her Instagram page is filled with snapshots that show her wearing all kinds of swimsuits in just about every color imaginable. Not too long ago, she flaunted her figure in a yellow-and-white striped bikini while she soaked up the sun in Hawaii.