Jessica Weaver Stuns In Tiny White Bra & Unbuttoned Daisy Dukes

Jessica Weaver snaps a selfie on Instagram.
Jessica Weaver / Instagram

Jessica Weaver took to Instagram to share a stunning new video while clad in a skimpy little ensemble. The blond bombshell has had a busy week on social media, sharing a number of sexy photos and videos in everything from a revealing tank top to workout gear and more. In the latest clip added to her page, Weaver flaunted her gorgeous figure once again.

In the short clip, the beauty appeared in the middle of the frame, looking straight into the camera with a smile on her face. She wore her long, blond locks pulled back in a partial ponytail in addition to a stunning makeup application that included eyeliner, mascara, blush, and lip gloss. Weaver also showed off the colorful tattoo sleeve on her left arm.

The bombshell flaunted her killer figure in a tight white bra that showed off plenty of cleavage while her taut tummy took center stage in the short clip. She completed the revealing outfit with a pair of unbuttoned Daisy Dukes, and her slim legs were also on display in the video. The model also added a bellybutton ring to the smoking hot look.

In the caption of the short clip, she explained to fans that girls usually twirl their hair when they like a guy, encouraging them to comment on the post.

So far, the clip has racked up over 7,000 likes in addition to well over 300 comments and the numbers continue to climb. Some Instagrammers took to the post to let her know that she looks stunning while countless others raved over her beautiful body. Many others commented on the share to let Weaver know that they would love to date her.

“DARLING WE STUTTER YOUR THE MOST PERFECT GORGEOUS BREATHTAKING BEAUTY EVER! Loved your video have a wonderful day Honey,” one fan commented, adding a series of heart and flame emoji.

“You always look so beautiful it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing,” a second fan added.

“I love your charisma and your great outfits. Your body is perfect,” one more wrote, adding a single pink heart emoji to the end of their comment.

Yesterday, The Inquisitr shared that the busty blonde wowed fans in another hot outfit while confessing that she was in need of some caffeine. The model looked spectacular in a light pink tank top that barely covered her chest, showing off ample amounts of cleavage for the camera. In bold black letters, the tank read “Give me coffee,” and Weaver went pantless as well.