Former WWE Superstar Says That The Threat Of The Coronavirus Is Nothing But ‘Fear Mongering’

Austin Aries certainly hasn't backed down from offering up his strong opinions.

Austin Aries poses for the WWE Universe.

Austin Aries certainly hasn't backed down from offering up his strong opinions.

As more cases of the coronavirus are popping up around the world, some people are still strongly believing that there is nothing to worry about. Former WWE superstar Austin Aries has always been known for his strong opinions and living life the way he wants to. On Wednesday, Aries took to social media to advise his followers that the coronavirus threat is nothing more than “fear mongering” coming from those in charge.

Aries currently performs for Major League Wrestling and some independent promotions, but he hasn’t been part of a bigger company since 2018. That was when he was a member of the Impact Wrestling roster following a few tumultuous years in WWE.

In the past, Aries has jumped on Twitter to speak out about vaccinations, eating vegan, and not conforming to the ways of life that the government seemingly wants for everyone. He often gets a number of fans speaking out against him, but that never stops him from making his feelings known.

Early on Wednesday morning, Aries took to his Twitter account to exclaim that the threat of the coronavirus was nothing but “fear mongering.” He believes that the higher-ups of the world are looking to take freedoms away from the people and instill fear into their minds and hearts.

Many of his followers started providing facts about the number of cases of coronavirus that have been found and the deaths caused by it. Others brought confirmed information that this is a serious situation, but Aries simply believes that the hype is being used to get people to buy things with the “illusion that it’ll make us healthy, happy, or safe.”

Austin’s next post on Twitter stated that people are becoming “perfect compliant corporate” slaves by being three things — unhealthy, unhappy, and unsafe.

Since he was still being hit with facts from fans and followers, Aries decided to throw out some of his own. He went after the government for not intervening in closing Kentucky Fried Chicken or McDonald’s for all those who died of heart disease. This is far from the first time that he has spoken out against different fast food franchises.

On Wednesday night, the NBA canceled two games and then suspended the season for an indefinite period of time. This action was taken by the league after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert preliminarily tested positive for coronavirus.

Austin Aries plays to the crowd in Impact Wrestling.

Many sporting events and other public happenings have been canceled or postponed due to the threat of the coronavirus. Wrestling events from different promotions around the world have been canceled, but not everyone appears to believe the facts and numbers in front of their eyes. Austin Aries is one of those people, and no matter how much information is provided to him, he still believes that this is nothing but a lot of fear mongering.