Hannah Ann Sluss Says Peter Weber Dumped Her Days After He Got ‘Closure’ With Hannah Brown

'The Bachelor' beauty says Pilot Pete's 'unresolved issue' was watching his trainwreck of a season play back on TV.

Hannah Ann Sluss of The Bachelor
Maarten de Boer / ABC

'The Bachelor' beauty says Pilot Pete's 'unresolved issue' was watching his trainwreck of a season play back on TV.

Hannah Ann Sluss says Peter Weber blindsided her by telling her he needed to get closure with Hannah Brown after he was chosen as The Bachelor. The Tennesee model gave the scoop on what went down with her former fiance in an interview on The Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with past Bachelorette stars Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin.

While Peter proposed to Hannah Ann in Australia in late November, by early January, he told his fiancée he needed to talk to Hannah Brown, his former love from The Bachelorette.

“He told me he needed to talk to Hannah Brown because he needed closure and was trying to convince me that I should feel comfortable with that,” Hannah Ann told the podcast.

“I’m like, ‘We’re engaged.'”

Hannah Ann also said she wasn’t happy to see The Bachelor episode that featured Hannah Brown’s reunion with Peter and showed them “all cozy” in a couch and with “him crying and her possibly coming back into the house.”

Hannah Ann said she and Peter broke up a week after he got “closure” with Hannah B., but even then, she was blindsided by his conflicted feelings because the morning of the breakup, they agreed they would stay together.

Hannah Ann revealed that hours before she went to see Peter in Los Angeles for an on-camera reunion, they had talked on the phone and agreed “we weren’t going to break up” and were going to work through things. She even asked Peter for a “heads up” about how he was feeling and revealed that when she showed up to what ultimately would be their breakup, that was the very first time Peter ever said to her. “I can’t give you my full heart.'”

While Peter told Hannah Ann that he was working through some “unresolved issues,” she said watching The Bachelor playback was his issue.

“His unresolved issues were having to watch back the show,” Hannah Ann said.

“Again he downplayed it, completely.”

But watching the show actually helped Hannah Ann. She told the podcast she was able to see a side of Peter she wouldn’t have been privy to, and it was an eye-opener.

“I’m able to see how he is consistently indecisive and confused, and who wants to be with that?” Hannah Ann said.

“It’s really helped me move forward, because I know I deserve more than someone just half loving me. I deserve someone who’s going to give me 100 percent.”

On the live Bachelor finale, Hannah Ann reminded Peter that there were two other women involved in their brief engagement: his now-final pick Madison Prewett and Hannah Brown.

In addition to his “crowded” engagement, there have also been rumors that Peter was hooking up with other women after his season of The Bachelor stopped filming.