Police Looking For World’s Most Inept Crook [Video]

If you have seen the man pictured above thank him for providing the internet with countless laughs. And then call the police.

Officers in Redding are currently laughing at searching for a man who threw a rock at Kent’s Market on Airport Road during an attempted robbery.

But it doesn’t look like police are searching too hard. The incident occurred earlier this month and the man has not been arrested yet.

And you know what they say: “If you can’t catch them, laugh at them.”

The Redding police department released a video of the man, who may be named the most inept crook of the year, as he tries to rob a convenience store.

The Redding police department writes on YouTube: “Redding police released this surveillance video of a bumbling and oddly dressed burglary suspect who threw a rock earlier in March 2013 at the glass front door of Kent’s Market on Airport Road.”

Here’s a run down of the video: Man in polka dot pants checks for security in store window without his mask on. Notices a security camera. Gets scared. Decides to rob the store anyway. Puts mask on. Throws rock at window. Gets scared. Runs away. Trips. Falls. Rolls around on ground.

Police describe the man as 5 foot, 11 inches, weighing about 350 pounds, and absolutely hilarious.