AEW News: Chris Jericho Says The Reaction To The Coronavirus Is Simply ‘Mass Hysteria’

The former AEW World Champion believes people truly are overreacting.

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The former AEW World Champion believes people truly are overreacting.

The world is in a complete panic regarding the coronavirus and the effects it may have on them, but a current All Elite Wrestling star feels that it’s all unnecessary. Chris Jericho has been around for a long time and the former AEW World Champion is never one to keep his mouth shut on any topic.

In a recent clip from TMZ Sports, Jericho said he and his bandmates are still rocking while not letting the Coronavirus hold them back, as his promotion is reportedly looking at doing events in empty arenas. Jericho made it clear he feels that the uproar over the virus is simply “mass hysteria.”

During the exchange, Jericho was told that Pearl Jam recently canceled an event due to the Coronavirus, but he confirmed that Fozzy was not going to follow suit. The former AEW world champion said he doesn’t believe that “the public should panic so much” in regard to what is going on in the world.

While being asked about the tour, Jericho simply said that unless the band is told that they can’t play by law enforcement or the government, the band is planning to go on as scheduled. Upon being reminded again that Pearl Jam put off a concert and Coachella being canceled, Jericho only had one final thing to say.

“Mass hysteria, man.”

Each and every day, more confirmed cases of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, are being found in the United States and other countries. Numerous sporting events have been canceled in response, with some leagues trying to figure out if they’re just going to end the rest of their regular season very early due to health risks.

The Inquisitr recently reported that both WWE and AEW were contemplating doing shows in empty arenas. This would allow the events to still be broadcast to fans at home, while the health and safety of fans would not be at risk due to having mass crowds of spectators.

Chris Jericho sees no reason for AEW events or Fozzy concert dates to be canceled because of the coronavirus. While the former WWE World Champion didn’t undermine the seriousness of the virus, he made clear he does believe that the reaction to it is being completely blown out of proportion.

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Fozzy has tour dates scheduled in both April and May, and some of those scheduled dates were altered so as not to interfere with Jericho’s AEW responsibilities.