Pot Dealer Sentenced To Write Essay About Marijuana Danger

A convicted pot dealer has been sentenced to write an essay about marijuana danger. Terry Bennett, age 32, has a week to complete the 5,000 word essay that will spare him from spending time in a UK jail.

Bennett was arrested for possession of over two pounds of marijuana with intent to distribute. He admitted the charges and was sentenced to either serve 240 hours of community service or spend one year in jail.

As reported by the Huffington Post, Bennett was unable to perform the community service due to a snowboarding injury. Upset with the prospect of jail time, Bennett requested an alternative sentence.

Judge Julian Lambert offered Bennett the option of writing a 5,000 word essay about the dangers of drugs including marijuana. Bennett proposed writing an argument comparing the positive and negative aspects of marijuana.

Judge Lambert did not accept the proposal as marijuana is illegal in the UK, and he would not allow an argument in favor of its use. Bennett eventually agreed and will reportedly write the essay about marijuana danger.

After conducting some research, Bennett has reportedly decided to focus the essay particularly on “the dangers that come about because it is illegal, rather than the nature of weed itself.”

Bennett contends that the biggest problem with marijuana is the “social inertia and stigma that surrounds it.” He states that he will remain drug free only because he has been convicted and marijuana use remains illegal in the UK.

As reported by Metro, Bennett is currently living with his mother in Cold Ashton. The father of two is confident that he will complete his essay by the April 4 deadline.

In addition to being sentenced to writing an essay about the dangers of marijuana use, Bennett is required by the court to submit to random drug testing. He has been placed on a curfew for the next four months, which requires him to return to his mother’s home by 8 pm each evening.