What Twitter has to say about the iPad

Now that the show is over and the blog posts are starting to hit the web I thought I'd take a look at what the folks on Twitter had to say about this earth shattering change the world product that Steve Jobs delivered to the masses.

First up is the name. Seriously .. iPad. What the hell was Apple thinking.

For some the idea of 10 hours of battery life that is being claimed is a little wishful thinking.

There are some out there who aren't caught up with the whole 'it's new and cool' hype being put out by Jobs.

Of course there was the office dweeb who loved the show put on by Jobs for the "presentation" never mind the world changing product.

Then there were those that noticed that while Microsoft had gotten slammed for only allowing 3 apps to run on Windows 7 Starter Edition the iPad only allows one and everyone thinks this is cool.

At least one person thought of the same point I was - the Apple Price Drop that always happens

Amongst all this was t he expected faithful ready to pony up their money no questions asked

Let's not forget the obligatory Kayne West imitation

Most importantly since we all now how much the Twitter Trending topics are where the truth is at

All in all though I think this one summed it up the best.