WWE News: Tampa City Officials Meeting To Discuss Canceling ‘WrestleMania 36’ Over Coronavirus

Even if WWE wants to move ahead, the city may have something else to say about it.

The logo of "WrestleMania 36" in Tampa is pictured

Even if WWE wants to move ahead, the city may have something else to say about it.

The world is currently in a panic over the spread of the coronavirus, and that may even include the WWE superstars. In less than three weeks, the promotion will put on WrestleMania 36 in Tampa, Florida, but cases of the virus have been found there and caused concerns to be heightened.

Via Twitter, Ryan Bass of CBS Tampa reported that officials from Tampa along with Mayor Castor are set to meet on Thursday. At their meeting, they are going to discuss canceling or postponing “major” events due to the effects and outbreak of the coronavirus.

One of the major events likely to be part of the discussion would indeed be WrestleMania 36.

Stephanie McMahon and some other WWE officials had a luncheon a couple of weeks ago to discuss the dangers of the coronavirus. She advised that the health of their superstars, crew, and fans is the most important thing and extreme measures will be taken if need be.

Last week before Monday Night Raw, a meeting was held with the talent and WWE officials to advise them on proper safety precautions. Despite the fact that everyone is doing whatever possible to stay safe and healthy, there is still the chance that massive events simply can’t take place.

John Cena will face "The Fiend" at "WrestleMania 36."

On April 5, WWE plans to hold its biggest event of the year with WrestleMania 36. Some matches are already confirmed and in place for the pay-per-view that is expected to draw nearly 100,000 fans from more than 100 different countries around the world.

With the event being held in Tampa, city officials will have to discuss the idea of postponing or canceling WrestleMania 36 when they meet. As far as WWE is concerned, though, they aren’t planning on doing anything drastic as of this time and will carry on as scheduled.

As more cases are revealed in Florida, city officials could end up stepping in to take action if WWE continues with the event. Having that many people all in one place at the same time could end up being a high risk situation for all of those involved.

WrestleMania 36 is easily the biggest wrestling event of the year for WWE or any promotion around the world. The company will likely hold off until the last possible second to determine if it needs to be postponed or canceled due to coronavirus concerns. No matter what, the promotion has already said they won’t jeopardize the safety and health of others, but the city of Tampa is going to make sure of it.