A Young Boy Allegedly Received Burns After Using Spray Sanitizer Purchased At A New Jersey 7-Eleven

A customer shops inside a 7-Eleven store
Tim Boyle / Getty Images

A young boy in New Jersey allegedly suffered from burns after using a spray sanitizer that he purchased from a 7-Eleven in River Vale, New Jersey, reports People Magazine.

Yesterday, the boy in question supposedly shared several photos on his social media accounts that showed multiple burns across his body. Since then, the River Vale Police Department has opened an investigation into the spray sanitizer that reportedly caused his injuries. They have since removed all of the products from the store’s inventory.

Before the sanitizer stock was pulled from the convenience store’s shelves, it is believed that approximately one dozen bottles were sold. To protect the other customers, the River Vale Police Department shared a safety alert on their Facebook page warning anyone who might have purchased the sanitizer to abstain from using it until they finish their investigation.

According to the People Magazine article, authorities have yet to discover what ingredient in the sanitizer may have caused the boy’s alleged reaction. However, they do believe that it is currently only affecting the River Vale 7-Eleven. Hand sanitizer is in extremely high demand right now due to fears over the coronavirus outbreak.

A spokesperson for the chain issued a statement to People Magazine to reassure the general public that they are taking the boy’s claims seriously and prioritizing the health of their consumers.

“The safety and well-being of 7-Eleven customers is of utmost importance and our hearts are with this young man at this time. This store is owned by a 7-Eleven Franchisee. Franchisees operate as independent business owners and are obligated to comply with all federal, state and local laws related to the operations of their stores. We understand the severity of this situation and are cooperating with local law enforcement.”

They went on to ensure they would take appropriate action after the internal investigation was completed.

Per the police department’s Facebook post, Lieutenant John DeVoe has urged anyone who may have purchased the spray sanitizer to be cautious.

“While further investigation is underway, our first priority is to make the public aware that they should not use this item if they purchased it at the River Vale 7-Eleven,” said DeVoe.

The post also includes an information hotline should anyone have further intel about the product in question and feel it would be of use to the police investigators.

In the comments section of the Facebook post, several people theorized that the sanitizer may have been designed for usage on furniture and other items and not on human skin. However, they also pointed out that the supplier could have mislabeled the product and not provided an adequate warning.