Hungarian Fitness Coach Anita Herbert Sizzles In Tiny Black Underwear That Leaves Little To The Imagination

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Anita Herbert sizzled in black underwear on Tuesday, March 10, in her most recent Instagram post. The Hungarian fitness model took to the popular photo-sharing app to post a snapshot that saw striking a sexy pose while she addressed some important fitness questions in the caption.

Herbert sat in a white leather couch with one leg on the floor and other up in front of her, creating quite a bit of space between them and showing off her toned quads. The brunette stunner placed one hand slightly behind her torso as she arched her back, engaging the muscles of her chiseled tummy. She also held a white mug to her lips as she drank from it.

Herbert sported a two-piece lingerie set in black, which contrasted with her deeply tanned complexion. The bra featured a triangle cut with adjustable straps that went over her shoulders, as well as small cups that showcased her perky chest. The top also included another set of straps that wrapped around her torso.

The Central European native teamed her bra with a pair of matching underwear bottoms with thin straps that sat high on her sides. The front of the garment had a soft elastic band placed low on her frame, leaving her lower stomach on display as well. She did not, however, say where the lingerie was from.

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Herbert wore her raven hair swept over to the right and styled down. Her perfectly straight tresses cascaded down her back, with a few strands falling over her left shoulder. She opted to wear a smoky eye in dark gray tones, as well as black mascara.

In the shot, the trainer’s gaze was down as she looked at the mug. A bit of bronzer helped accentuate the structure of her face while deepening her tan.

In the caption, Herbert addressed the issue of whether to lose fat or build muscle first. She said that it depends, as many factors play a role in fitness and health. She then went into different scenarios, giving her advice for each one. In the end, she urged her fans to join her challenge by clicking the link in her bio.

With more than 31,800 likes and over 515 comments within the first hour, the post proved to be a success with thousands of her 2.2 million followers so far.

“Thanks for this breakdown babe,” one user wrote, including a pink double heart emoji at the end of the comment.

“Those abs!!” replied another fan, including a series of fire emoji after the words.

“You are by far the hottest most beautiful woman in the world!!!” a third one raved.