Cosplay Model Meg Turney Celebrates 'Mar10 Day' With Sexy Bowsette Costume

Cosplay model Meg Turney showed the Nintendo fandom a little love by dressing up like a Super Mario Bros.-inspired character that doesn't officially exist in the video game franchise.

On Tuesday, Meg took to Instagram to remind her followers that March 10 is "Mar10 Day," a date on which gamers around the globe celebrate Nintendo's beloved Mario mascot. However, she didn't dress up as Mario for her latest social media upload. Instead, she dressed up as a combination of the spunky plumber's worst enemy and the love of his life.

In the caption of her post, Meg revealed that her costume was based on "Bowsette," a fan-created character that imagines Mushroom Kingdom menace Bowser as a half-human, half-Koopa female. As reported by CBR, the mash-up of Bowser and Princess Peach was specifically inspired by Peachette, whom Toadette transforms into when she wears the Super Crown in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

Bowsette wears a black princess gown in the original viral comic drawn by Twitter user Haniwa (@ayyk92), but Meg sexed up her costume by sporting a more revealing ensemble. She was pictured wearing a black bustier bodysuit with a sweetheart neckline, as well as a glimmering blue jewel that adorned the center of the garment's bust. The bodysuit had low-cut leg openings embellished with grommets and small lace-up details. Meg wore a pair of black fishnet stockings underneath it.

The model accessorized her curve-hugging costume with spiked black bands on her thighs, biceps, and wrists. She also sported a spiked collar and a thick chain around her neck.

The original Bowsette was blond, but Meg decided to rock long auburn hair instead. The ends of her shiny tresses were styled in bouncy curls. On her head, she wore a pair of short pointy horns and a replica of the pink-and-gold Super Crown.

For her makeup application, the voluptuous beauty wore a shimmery pink lip and a smoky eye.

Meg's post included three photos. In her second snapshot, she was pictured sitting on a black throne and holding a plush Mario toy. She was wearing a long red wig with the bangs styled in fang-like points, and she had traded her bodysuit for a bra that put her ample cleavage on full display. In her third photo, the cosplayer sported a lacy black thong and showed off her curvaceous backside.

"I love this look on you!" read one of the many enthusiastic responses to Meg's post.

"Such a cute smile you got there missy. Happy Mar10 day," another fan wrote.

"I never thought bowsette would be more attractive, yet here we are," a third admirer remarked.

Bowsette isn't the only video game-inspired character that Meg has dressed up as. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the avid Twitch gamer's Valentine's Day gift to her fans was her take on the character depicted on the cover of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG).