Niece Waidhofer Wows Fans In Strappy Lingerie With Choker Collar

Niece WaidhoferInstagram

Brunette bombshell Niece Waidhofer is known by her followers for uploading semi-nude photos to social media that often involve bondage-style outfits. Her latest Instagram share showed more of the same as she flaunted her curves in a sexy lingerie set with lots of straps and a choker collar.

As seen in the photo, Niece’s bra pushed up her cleavage, showing off her voluptuous chest. It featured a small chain under the bottom strap that called attention to her flat abs. The panties were extremely tiny and hardly noticeable because of the strappy garter belt she wore. She also sported buckled leather straps on each wrist.

Niece was posing in her bedroom for the sexy selfie. The snap caught her standing in front of a mirror near her bed with a sultry expression on her face. The room was decorated with white and silver, causing her hourglass figure to pop against the light background. She posed with one leg in front of the other, flaunting her curve of her hip and her toned thighs. The model held the handle of the collar in one hand while she held her phone in the other.

The stunner wore her hair down over one shoulder. While Niece’s face was partially obscured with the mask, it was clear that she framed her blue eyes with smoky eyeshadow and thick lashes.

In the caption, Niece explained in her tongue-in-cheek style that she took a much-needed, two-week absence from the photo-sharing platform, adding that she missed her fans.

The post was a hit, racking in more than 35,000 likes within an hour of going live. Many of her followers were thrilled to see that she was doing alright — and that she was back to sharing sexy pictures. Some said they missed her while others poured on the compliments.

“Missed you too. Your content and comments always manage to brighten up my day,” one admirer wrote.

“YOU’RE BACK!!!! I’m so happy to see you again,” said a second Instagram user.

“We missed you too. Glad to hear you’re better, sexy & witty as ever,” a third fan told her.

“You are absolutely gorgeous,” commented a fourth follower.

The Texas-based model definitely knows what her 1.5 million followers like to see. From barely-there lingerie to sexy dresses, she looks good in all of these outfits. Prior to the aforementioned social media hiatus, she rocked a black dress that hugged her every curve.