WWE Rumors: Superstar Suffers Possibly-Serious Injury During Main Event Of 'Raw'

Injuries are a way of life for many WWE superstars, but some end up suffering more than others. A massive storyline has been building on Monday Night Raw that features Seth Rollins and his disciples versus a number of red brand superstars. This week's main event delivered a big eight-man tag match that brought forth a lot of action and unfortunately, a possibly devastating injury to one star.

The Authors of Pain -- known as AOP -- are major players in Rollins' stable, along with Murphy. They are the big enforcers on the team and have brought forth a dominating presence to a team that is gaining a lot of strength on Monday nights.

Akam and Rezar already dealt with an injury that took them off of WWE television for nearly half a year. In January 2019, Akam suffered a leg injury that kept them out of storylines before returning as "AOP" and being placed into some major angles.

Their hope is that something like that isn't happening again at one of the worst possible times.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Wrestle Talk, Rezar suffered an injury of some kind during the main event of Monday Night Raw. As of this time, the extent of his injury isn't fully known, but rumor has it that it could be rather serious.

The AOP deliver a devastating blow to Aleister Black.

Dave Meltzer said that at one point during the main event, something happened to Rezar and he couldn't even lift up his arm. Meltzer said he wasn't quite sure what happened, "but if it turns out he tore his bicep...that's sure what it looked like to me."

As the match went on, it was evident that something was truly wrong with Rezar's right arm, as he couldn't lift it at all. The superstar did go on to finish the entire match and he stayed for the post-match angle, but something wasn't right.

WWE has not yet revealed if Rezar was injured, nor have they released any comment addressing the speculation he was. If this is truly a torn bicep for the member of AOP, it would be a huge blow to the tag team, as they are part of the biggest storyline on Raw right now.

With WrestleMania 36 right around the corner, WWE is truly hoping that no major injuries occur to any superstars. Plans are being made and matches are being built to the point where it would be hard to alter many of them. There is a good chance that AOP are going to be involved at the pay-per-view in one way or another, and an injury to Rezar would force a rewrite of that portion of the event, as well as the storyline with Rollins' stable.