The Family Of A Missouri Woman With Coronavirus Broke Quarantine To Attend A School Dance

On Saturday, March 7, a Missouri woman in her 20s received the results of her coronavirus test. She fell ill after a trip to Italy and underwent testing. While waiting for the results, the woman and her family were strongly advised to self-quarantine. Over the weekend, she learned that her test results returned positive for coronavirus. Still, her father and younger sister broke quarantine to attend a father-daughter dance at Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School, reports Time Magazine.

Once the news broke that the two family members attended the dance after being in contact with someone with coronavirus, the school opted to cancel classes. According to the article, Villa Duchesne does not know how long classes will remain canceled. The school declined to comment on the situation at this time.

The dance in question was held at a Ritz-Carlton hotel in Clayton, MO. The hotel issued a statement to the outlet.

"We are aware of news reports and have contacted health authorities to obtain their guidance. Meanwhile, we are taking additional steps to perform enhanced cleaning of hotel areas where the event was hosted. The wellbeing of our guests and associates is of paramount importance."
St. Louis County Executive Sam Page told reporters that the patient's father did not follow the recommended regulations and guidelines. Quarantine guidelines mandate that people stay at home and limit their contact with other people and animals.

At a press conference on Sunday, he warned the family to self-isolate, saying they would "issue a formal quarantine that will require him and the rest of his family to stay in their home by the force of law."

A frustrated Page went on to say that the way this family has reacted to the incident "is really a tale of two reactions and a study of how people should and should not react to the coronavirus."

According to St. Louis Public Radio, this case is the first person in the region to test positive for the virus. Officials are still in the process of learning what she has done and where she has gone since returning from Italy on March 2.

This incident is not the first time that someone has left quarantine after being tested positive for COVID-19. Per the Time Magazine article, a New Hampshire man left home to attend a Dartmouth event in Vermont, resulting in health officials requesting that everyone who was at the event to self-isolate.