March 10, 2020
NFL Rumors: Chicago Bears Again Linked To Andy Dalton, Nick Foles

The Chicago Bears are still in the market for a new quarterback, according to rumors which popped up yet again on Monday. The question, as it has been since speculation first began, is whether they are looking for a starter or a backup. Just who they bring in might answer that question.

The newest set of rumors discuss the Bears being linked to two signal-callers who have been starters in the very recent past. Both lost their starting jobs last year in moves geared towards their respective teams getting younger. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports is now once again talking about Dalton coming to Chicago.

The Bears have actually been a supposed trade partner with the Cincinnati Bengals for most of the winter. The reasons are rather obvious. The Bengals are expected to draft Joe Burrow with the first pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. There is also the connection to Bears' offensive coordinator Bill Lazor.

Unlike Dalton, Nick Foles wasn't always someone who was almost guaranteed to be on the move this spring and summer. There was a time when the Jacksonville Jaguars were thought to be considering bringing him back and giving him one more try. Now it appears they are ready to move on.

Nick Foles celebrates a Super Bowl win
Getty Images | Rob Carr

Bleacher Nation points out Foles is actually someone some Bears fans were looking at as a possible replacement for Mitch Trubisky when the season was still going on. As the site points out, Foles checks quite a few of the boxes for Chicago.

He's a quarterback who has extensive starting experience. That starting experience includes playing and winning the Super Bowl.

Like Dalton, he's also got experience working with a Bears coach. This time, it's head coach Matt Nagy's system. He's also worked with Lazor. That appears to be the tie that binds most of the quarterback rumors involving the Chicago Bears. The team is reportedly looking for someone who can step in and play without needing a lot of time getting used to the offensive system.

Bleacher Nation does point out there are some significant cap space issues when it comes to Foles -- but Dalton isn't the cheapest backup quarterback, either.

The Bears looking at either one of those players has led most analysts to believe it's not just about landing someone who can hold a clipboard. If Chicago does go after either Dalton or Foles, it's because they are wanting someone who could replace Trubisky if he does stumble again in 2020.