March 10, 2020
Emmanuel Sanders Shoots Down Contract Talk Rumors, Calls It 'Bad Reporting At Its Finest'

While the San Francisco 49ers are the defending NFC champs, the offseason hasn't been as light-hearted and fun as some might have expected. As is the case with most teams around this time of year, the Niners have quite a few decisions to make about their roster. The team needs to figure out who is coming back and who is going elsewhere. Among the players stuck in this kind of limbo is wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

Sanders came to San Francisco before the trade deadline last year. Acquired from the Denver Broncos in exchange for a draft pick, he was an integral part of San Francisco's offense as they made their run to the Super Bowl. Talk around the team is that the front office would like to bring him back. So far, there hasn't been much movement towards that end.

On Monday, rumors sparked up that talks between the two teams had broken down. Sanders caught wind of a tweet claiming to have inside information. He replied to that post and said the rumors of collapsed contract talks were false.

Kyle Posey, a writer for Ninersnation posted on Twitter that the 49ers offered Sanders somewhere in the neighborhood of $6 million less per year than the receiver was asking. Posey ended the post saying he was still looking for specifics, but he believed Sanders was gone unless something changed drastically.

Emmanuel Sanders attempts to make a catch for the San Francisco 49ers
Getty Images | Jamie Squire

Emmanuel Sanders decided to take things into his own hands to shoot this rumor down. He responded on Twitter the writer didn't know what he was talking about.

"Dude you're making up stuff out of your a--. No offer has been sent and no talks have been made. Bad reporting at its finest smh"
It's hard to know just what this means for the future of San Francisco and the prized wide receiver. There have been other rumors similar to the one Posey trafficked in talking about the lack of communication between the two sides.

This close to the period where other teams can talk to pending free agents, Sanders saying there hasn't been an offer made doesn't mean one is coming. In fact, the receiver might have simply been taking issue with the claims Posey had insider knowledge.

The sentiment behind the tweet which caught Sanders' eye might still be more accurate than not. It stands to reason if the front office was planning on keeping Emmanuel Sanders in the fold, an initial offer would be made by now. Nine days remain before impending free agents are officially cut loose, San Francisco 49ers fans will know soon enough just what the team's plans are in this regard.