‘Maxim’ Stunner Rachel Bush Flaunts Washboard Abs In Pink Bikini

Rachel BushInstagram

Rachel Bush is taking precautions against the coronavirus during a trip to Brazil, but that won’t stop her from showing off her bikini body.

The Maxim model took to Instagram to show off the measures she’s taking to guard against the spread of the deadly virus as she hopped a plane to Brazil, showing a picture in her Instagram stories of herself wearing black gloves and a blue face mask. She also shared a number of throwback snaps to her trips to Carnival and the beaches of Brazil last year and pictures of her trip this year as well. Included in that set of pictures was one of Rachel posing in the mirror while wearing a pink bikini and showing off her very well-toned abs.

The snaps were shared during a bit of an Instagram hiatus for the model, who has been posting at a lower rate during the winter months. In one of her more recent pictures, Bush mentioned that she’s been a bit busy to take the time for posed shots.

“I never have time for glam selfies anymore, always on the run, but today I did,” she wrote in the caption for the last Instagram picture posted, back on February 22.

Bush has been expanding her modeling work outside of Instagram in recent months, hosting events and being featured in Maxim. The trip to Brazil could yield more Instagram fare in the coming days, as Rachel tends to share plenty of pictures from her sun-soaked trips.

Bush, who has been steadily growing her Instagram following over the course of the last few years and now sports a following of 1.2 million, has been more active during the summer months when she can pose on the beach and by the poolside. But she hasn’t let the winter months stop her from showing off either, and she recently braved the cold temperatures in Aspen, Colorado, to flaunt her bikini body.

The recent trip to Brazil could also be one of the last chances for Rachel to get some quality time with her husband before he kicks into gear for his job. Rachel’s husband, Jordan Poyer, is a starting safety for the Buffalo Bills and starts official offseason workouts with the team next month. In one of her airplane pictures, Rachel sat next to a man who also wore a face mask to protect against coronavirus, though it wasn’t entirely clear if it was Jordan traveling with her.