Spanish-American Model Sara Natividad Dazzles Her Fans While Wearing Nothing But Platinum Body Tape

Spanish-American model Sara Natividad dazzled her many fans yesterday by sharing a sexy photo to her Instagram page that showed her wearing nothing but platinum body tape provided by the Black Tape Challenge. Sara frequently shares jaw-dropping images that display the gorgeous curves of her fit figure, and in them, she often wears the skimpiest outfits imaginable.

For her latest snap, the buxom bombshell meticulously covered herself in geometrically-cut pieces of platinum tape. She wrapped her most private areas with the tape and used it to create a shape similar to that of a one-piece bathing suit. She also used the tape to create Amazonian-style armbands on both of her forearms. That said, she left the majority of her skin uncovered, giving her admirers a fantastic view of her breasts, hips, and thighs. She also left her large daffodil tattoo exposed.

To complete her overall look, Sara added a small taped ring to her thumb, and she painted her nails in a pearly shade of pink. She left her wavy ombré locks of hair loose, letting them flow naturally across her shoulders. The beauty also rocked a full face of makeup, made evident by her smoldering gaze into the camera. It appeared that she was wearing a matte lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer, and that she had groomed her eyebrows to perfection.

The stunner credited the image to L.A.-based photographer, Ray Maloles. According to the geotag on her post, the pic was taken in Tulum, Mexico. She posed with her back pressed against a wooden wall while playing with a strand of her hair.

In less than a day, Sara’s post earned more than 18,700 likes and generated over 400 comments. People from across the globe poured into her comments section to compliment the beauty of her incredible figure and creative usage of body tape.

In her caption, she jokingly told her 771,000 followers that she was hoping to distract them, and many of them commented to tell her how well that mission was working.

“You are f*ckin’ SLAYIN IT!!” exclaimed one user. They added two flame emoji to their comment to emphasize their point.

“Wow you look amazing in that outfit. Well you look amazing all the time,” gushed another admirer.

“Hot dang freakin seexxxy Sara mission accomplished who could not be distracted you’re so absolutely gorgeous with such a smokin hot bod and just a little tape,” raved a third person. They also added several emoji to their remark, including flames, hearts, heart eyes, and a kissing face.