'Love Is Blind' Star Jessica Batten Poses In A Bikini, Reveals She Has Known One Of Her Co-Stars For 10 Years

Love is Blind star Jessica Batten posed in a bikini on social media, days after the reunion for the binge-worthy Netflix dating show.

After her controversial love story gone wrong played out on the Netflix hit, the 34-year-old reality star rocked a tan two-piece and added a cheeky caption to her post. Jessica also dished that she has actually known one of her co-stars for 10 years.

In a new photo posted to Instagram, Jessica basked in the sun in Manhattan Beach, California. The reality star looked tanned and toned, rocking stylish sunglasses and holding a cowboy hat in her hand while lounging on a pier. Jessica, who emerged as the heel on the inaugural season of the Netflix dating experiment, captioned the pic to note that she is "chillin'" like a villain.

In comments to the post, fans remarked on Jessica's poses, including fellow reality TV villain Olivia Caridi, who made headlines for her behavior when she was a contestant on Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor.

"Villains gotta vill," Caridi joked.

"Bahahaha we love a queen that can poke fun at herself," another added.

Others asked her if she hopes one of her former Love is Blind suitors is checking out her Instagram page.

"Hoping Barnett sees this?" one follower asked.

"She's working it. That's for damn sure... " another chimed in.

Other fans pointed out that the Netflix dating experiment taped more than a year ago and all of the stars have long moved on.

While the cast has moved on – Love is Blind ended with multiple engagements and two marriages – a still-single Jessica recently admitted that one of her co-stars on the show has been in her life for a decade, according to Cosmopolitan. In a recent Instagram Q&A, she admitted that she has known Kelly Chase for ages. Kelly was engaged to Kenny Barnes on the series, but she blindsided him by breaking up with him at the altar on their wedding day.

When one follower asked Jessica if she knew Kelly before the show, the blond beauty replied that she's "known Kel for 10 years!" She also shared a photo of herself and Kelly with brunette hair while on a trip together back in the day.

Cosmo notes that it's not farfetched that the two women knew each other back in the day, as the first season of Love is Blind was filmed with 30 contestants who were all living in Atlanta at the time, in order to give relationships the best chance of working.

Jessica was ultimately engaged to Mark Cuevas, but, like Kelly, she ended their relationship at the altar on their wedding day.