Kenya Moore Admitted That Husband Marc Daly Was Texting Other Women In Latest 'RHOA' Episode

Kenya Moore revealed more about her and Marc Daly's problems within their marriage.

In last Sunday's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Moore shared additional details about what led to their separation in September 2019. Although viewers watched the couple during a Sunday, March 1 episode argue back and forth at Daly's event, Moore said to friends and co-stars Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey that there was more to the story. According to People, Moore told her friends that, prior to Daly's event, she had a suspicion that he was contacting another woman inappropriately. The former beauty queen said she saw text messages between Daly and the woman, who happens to be one of his exes in New York. Fans of the Bravo series will know Daly frequently goes to New York for his restaurant and other business ventures.

"One of the women was begging him to keep the sex going even though that he was married. … She was like, 'You make me feel this way, that way, is there any way we can keep this going?'" Moore said as she described the texts her husband was being sent. "That woman, he still communicates with after I told him, 'This is inappropriate.'"

Daly wasn't the only one who Moore decided to confront about the texts. She said she also spoke to the woman who was sending the texts. While she admitted the call she made to the woman wasn't her finest moment, she knew something had to be done on her end.

"I called the b*tch too, which I regret that I did," Moore admitted. "She answered the phone and I said, 'You might want to take me off the speakerphone, this is Ms. Marc Daly.' And I proceeded to let her know if she came anywhere else near my husband, I know where she lives."

Moore then told her friends the call only made things in her marriage worse. The Waiting to Exhale actress shared her actions caused a huge fight between the two, and Moore questioned who her husband really was. She also said Daly did apologize for betraying her through the texts, and she decided to forgive him, calling the act his "one big mess-up."

Although Daly apologized, he and Moore both released statements that they were spending time apart. Moore claimed in October 2019 that infidelity wasn't the cause of the demise of their relationship. In the RHOA episode, she also admitted she didn't want to be divorced, despite the couple's issues.