Buxom Brunette Katelyn Runck Sizzles In String Bikini That Leaves Little To the Imagination

Katelyn RunckInstagram

Model Katelyn Runck seems to be gearing up for summer. Over the weekend, she shared an update on Instagram that saw her looking sizzling hot in a skimpy bikini that left little to the imagination.

The beauty’s bikini was a cream color, and it was adorned with seashells. The top featured very small cups that did not cover much of her breasts. The bottoms were even more skimpy, barely covering up her modesty. In fact, the low-cut style made it appear like they were about to fall off of Katelyn’s hips.

Katelyn’s sexy post was a collection of two photos and a video that saw her standing outside near a wall. Trees and other greenery were visible in the distance beside her.

One image captured the statuesque model standing barefoot as she faced the camera. With one leg crossed in front of the other, she flaunted her toned legs. She also held a piece of her hair in one hand as she gave the camera a sultry look. The pose put her voluptuous chest and chiseled abs on display.

The other snapshot caught Katelyn from a side angle as she leaned against the wall. She held one hand over her head, flaunting her slender midsection. The pose gave her followers a nice view of her cleavage. She stood with one knee bent, calling attention to the curve of her hip and shapely thigh.

The video clip captured the stunner as she struck several poses while leaning against the wall. She arched her back and fluffed her hair while she stared ahead with a serious expression on her face. At one point, she looked at the camera and flashed a smile just before she turned to face the camera.

Katelyn wore her hair down in loose curls. Her makeup included smoky eye shadow, thick lashes, and contoured cheeks. She also wore a rose shade on her lips and a bold white polish on her nails.

Katelyn asked her followers which part of the post they preferred. Most of them told her that they liked the video the most. Others doled out compliments.

“always so incredibly gorgeous! Beautifully stunning!!” one admirer wrote.

“So beautiful and a beautiful body,” said a second follower.

“Love the bathing suit. You look amazing!” a third Instagram user told her.

Katelyn seems to have a body made for bikinis, and she seems to enjoy showing it off. But even when she covers up, she looks sensational, like she did when she wore this slinky pink dress.