Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis & Neil May Not Be Able To Resist Giving In To Temptation

Valerie DurantWalt Disney Television

In the midst of all of the drama and heartbreak playing out these days on General Hospital, spoilers hint that there may be some romance coming with Monday’s episode. Last week, Alexis and Neil found themselves sitting next to one another in a box at the opera. Now, teasers suggest that this may lead to other things.

Alexis and Neil are both in New York City for the hearing he’s facing, one which could determine his future as a therapist. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Monday’s show suggest that the two will sit down to have dinner — or a drink — together, and she’ll note that they’re in this mess because of her.

Once Neil’s license was threatened, he and Alexis decided that they needed to put their romance on hold until it would no longer risk his career. However, they are having a hard time doing so, and it seems this opera encounter might push them across the line that they have drawn.

According to Soap Central, this week Neil will find himself pulled off-course. In addition, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Alexis will be unable to resist temptation. Neil is going to be caught off guard, and all signs point toward these two either throwing caution to the wind — or at least coming quite close.

At this point, General Hospital spoilers don’t confirm that Neil and Alexis will finally and fully succumb to their passion. In fact, SheKnows Soaps details that Neil will be interrupted in some sense during Tuesday’s episode. It sounds as if perhaps Neil and Alexis will start to give in to the undeniable chemistry they share, but be cut off before things cross the point of no return.

As the week progresses, General Hospital spoilers note that something will leave Neil feeling stunned on Wednesday. Beyond that point, little else has been revealed yet. This has been an incredibly slow-moving romance, and fans are anxious to see the writers pick up the pace.

Will the surprise coming for Neil be in regard to his hearing? Will the decision end up in Neil and Alexis’ favor, or will it push them further apart?

General Hospital viewers have enjoyed watching this pairing progress and are ready to see Alexis and Neil’s relationship escalate to the next level. Monday’s episode seemingly will give fans a tease of what could come, but everybody may be left hanging — and hoping — for a little while yet, from the sounds of things.