Clare Crawley Reportedly Spotted Filming ‘The Bachelorette’ With Ex-Fiance Benoit Beausejour-Savard

Paula LoboABC

Clare Crawley may have been spotted with her ex as she starts filming scenes for The Bachelorette. A new report teases that the 38-year-old four-time Bachelor Nation beauty was photographed having lunch with her former Bachelor Winter Games fiance, Benoit Beausejour-Savard, over the weekend.

A new photo making the rounds features Clare appearing to be dining with Benoit as ABC’s cameras hover nearby, according to Cosmopolitan.

In a Reddit thread titled “Bachelorette Filming in Sacramento,” the original poster shared a photo of a laughing Clare as she chats with a mystery man during a lunch date near her California hometown. While the man can only be seen from the back, the photographer claims it was Clare’s onetime Bachelor Nation boyfriend, Benoit.

“I randomly stumbled upon the filming of The Bachelorette in Sacramento while at lunch today at Dantorels!” the Redditor wrote. “Sorry I couldn’t get a better picture, I didn’t want to get in the way of filming! For everyone who is wondering, it was Benoit sitting with her. They were already there when I arrived and sat together for about 45 mins while I ate lunch.”

In comments to the post, fans had mixed reactions to Clare possibly reuniting with her ex. Others wondered if Clare is sitting with Benoit in the photo or if she’s with a producer.

“Benoit! I’m still sad they didn’t work out,” one fan wrote.

“I like Benoit but I don’t want him to compete on Clare’s season,” another added. “They didn’t work out for a reason. Can we please just have some new people?”

Of course, if it is Benoit in the pic, it doesn’t mean he’s on a one-on-one date with Clare. As with most seasons of the ABC dating show, the lead could just be getting closure with her ex before she starts dating two dozen new guys.

Yet, to further confuse matters, Benoit posted his own pic to social media over the weekend, which prompted fans to question where he is. In the photo, the French reality star is bungee jumping in South Africa. Benoit captioned the post to say he was “jumping into the weekend,” making it seem as though he is currently out of the country. It is unclear when the photo was taken.

No matter where in the world he is, Benoit has already shown support for Clare as she begins her journey to find her husband. The Winter Games alum called Clare a “gem” and said he wishes her the best as she looks for love as The Bachelorette.