Cindy Prado Sizzles In A Strapless Coral Bikini And Spills A Secret About Her Phenomenal Figure

Cindy PradoInstagram

Cuban bombshell Cindy Prado shared another set of smoking hot bikini snapshots with her fans, and she spilled one of the secrets behind her fantastic figure.

On Sunday, the 28-year-old social media sensation took to Instagram to treat her 1.2 million followers to a series of five stunning photos. Cindy was pictured rocking a ribbed bikini in a vibrant coral color that looked striking against her bronze skin. The stylish two-piece included a tiny bandeau top that clung to her perky, round cleavage. The garment featured a shiny brass ring detail in the center of the bust.

Cindy’s matching bottoms were embellished with smaller rings that connected the front of the garment to its thin side straps. The bands were stretched up high over the model’s hip bones, which drew the eye to her slender waist. In the caption of her post, Cindy revealed that her chic bathing suit was from White Fox Boutique.

Cindy was also sporting an billowy white shirt, but she was wearing it open and pulled down off her shoulders so that her fans could get a clear view of her bikini.

Cindy accessorized her outfit with a pair of oversized sunglasses with dark lenses and wire frames. She was also sporting two gold chain necklaces and a pair of layered medallion drop earrings.

Cindy’s sandy blond hair was styled in soft, beachy waves. Her lips were painted a reddish orange color that complemented her bikini.

In her first photo, Cindy was pictured sitting in a wood slatted chair that had been painted a vibrant shade of blue. She was perched on the edge of the seat, and she was holding a coffee drink in her right hand.

In her other photos, Cindy had moved to an unpainted wooden chair beside a small round table. She was pictured pulling the sides of her bikini bottoms up as she looked down, sitting back in her chair and smiling at the camera, and trying to keep her windswept hair out of her face.

According to her geotag, Cindy’s photos were taken at the beachfront luxury hotel where she’s been staying during her vacation in Tulum, Mexico.–BlRd/

In the caption, Cindy revealed that she’s been trying the popular intermittent fasting diet for the last few weeks. Her sculpted stomach and tiny waistline were evidence that it’s been working. It also explains why she was able to enjoy the massive feast that was pictured in one of her recent bikini photos.

As reported by The New York Times, intermittent fasting basically involves avoiding eating for long stretches of hours at a time, not counting calories.

Cindy’s fans seemed impressed by her results.

“You look amazing!!” read one response to her Instagram post.

“I don’t think there’s a word in any language that can fully and accurately express how incredibly sexy you are!!!” another fan wrote.

“Become a fitness trainer so I can buy your programs,” a third admirer suggested. “Ok bye I love your body and everything about you.”