WWE News: Brie Bella Recalls Unexpected Interaction She And Daniel Bryan Had With The Ultimate Warrior


While many wrestling fans and performers consider Daniel Bryan to be one of the best in-ring superstars on the planet, the opinions of the legends who’ve been there and done it all tend to boast some added significance. One legendary superstar who was a fan of the Friday Night SmackDown superstar was none other than The Ultimate Warrior, according to Brie Bella.

Speaking to Fox Sports, by the way of 411 Mania, Bryan’s wife recalled an occasion where she and her husband were in a hotel before WrestleMania 30, when they were suddenly stopped by the WWE Hall of Famer so he could compliment the young superstar on his abilities.

“Bryan and I were walking down the hall, and the Ultimate Warrior and his wife Dana were walking. And he stopped Bryan and he was like, ‘Hey, I really have to tell you, you really blow me away,’ and he just like went off. And just like how sincere and the way he said it to Bryan — I don’t know, it’s just one of those moments, here we are in a hallway, in a hotel, just all of us minding our own business and there was no one around. It was just like — I don’t know.”

Bella went on to say that it was a moment she’ll never forget and that it gave her goosebumps, and revealed that it meant the world to Bryan. The superstar is a well-documented fan of the WWE legend, having previously taken to Twitter to reveal that he was his favorite wrestler growing up. He also said that getting to meet him was one of his career highlights. The post was made shortly after the Hall of Famer’s passing, and at the time, he seemed shocked about the whole situation.

The Ultimate Warrior had a tumultuous relationship with WWE throughout the years, and it’s rare for feel-good stories like this to be shared about him. However, he was on good terms with the company at the time of his passing, and these days he’s recognized as a legend among WWE officials and wrestlers.

At this year’s Hall of Fame ceremony, another huge Bryan fan will be inducted. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Bella and her sister, Nikki, are among this year’s class. They will be joined by the Japanese legend Jushin “Thunder” Liger, as well as the New World Order stable, and other iconic stars who’ve made big contributions to the business.