Amanda Bynes And Fiance Paul Michael Reportedly Split Just Weeks After Engagement

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael are reportedly calling it quits just three weeks after their engagement.

Michael confirmed to InTouch Weekly that they had broken up, but said it was amicable. He did not elaborate on any other details of the split, including exactly when the couple had broken up or what led to the split.

"We did," he told the publication when asked about whether the two had broken up.

"I love her though, she's my best friend."
As Us Weekly noted, there were already signs that the relationship was in trouble in recent days, as Amanda deleted photos of her now-former lover on Instagram. The pair had announced the engagement on Valentine's Day, with the actress sharing a picture of her massive ring.

Bynes appeared to be turning her life around after years of struggling with mental health issues and addiction. In a recent video, she apologized to celebrities she had attacked on social media in 2013 and said that she was struggling with substance abuse at the time.

"I just wanted to post a video to say I'm sorry to everybody whom I called ugly on Twitter. I was feeling so ugly at the time, and it was really hard for me to express myself at the time because I was so drugged out," Bynes said, via Us Weekly.

The relationship appeared to play a major role in the actress's turnaround. Amanda noted that she and her fiance had been sober for close to a year.

There appeared to be some potential complications for the wedding had the couple stayed together. As The Inquisitr reported, Amanda remained under a conservatorship with her mother serving as conservator, and a report from Us Weekly suggested that Amanda would need her mother's permission in order to go through with the wedding.

It was not clear if Amanda had the support of her parents in her plans to marry Paul Michael, but Neama Rahmani, president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, suggested that they would have the power to put a stop to it if they did not approve.

"If Amanda's parents did not consent to the marriage, they can petition the court to annul the marriage on the basis of Amanda's 'unsound mind,'" Rahmani said.

It was not clear when the She's The Man actress planned to walk the aisle, or what was the cause for her reported split.

Bynes herself has not yet released any statement about her reported breakup.