March 8, 2020
Rapper DaBaby Issues Apology After Video Shows Him Slapping Female Fan

Rapper DaBaby issued an apology on Sunday after video showed the rapper striking a woman in the face during a show in Florida.

As HipHopDX reported, the incident happened during a show at Tampa's Whiskey North and showed the rapper slapping a woman as he walked through a crowd. He claimed that someone had flashed a light in his face, leading him to lash out.

The person who was hit claimed that it was a case of mistaken identity, and that she was not the person who shined a light in his face. The victim later spoke to police and explained the incident, saying she had done nothing to provoke the attack. Video of the incident did not make it clear exactly who shined the light in DaBaby's eyes.

The report noted that the victim did not have any visible injuries, and it was unclear if she planned to press charges.

On Sunday, DaBaby posed a video on his Instagram stories saying he would pay $10,000 to anyone who had video of the person "hitting me in the eye with her phone," and left a longer message apologizing to the woman that he hit.

It was not clear if he had understood that the victim said she did not shine a light in his eyes, and in his message the rapper said that he did not realize it was a woman who he was slapping. The rapper later said that he would have reacted the same way, whether it was a man or woman.

DaBaby also said he was willing to meet with the victim in person to apologize.

"I'll fly you out," he said, via HipHopDX. "We could sit down, have an adult conversation. I would love to apologize to you in person. I can apologize publicly if you prefer that. I can apologize privately. I got no problem with apologizing."

As TMZ noted, DaBaby has had his share of trouble in recent weeks, including another alleged assault in south Florida. He was accused of beating and robbing a man in Miami, though the battery charges were later dropped. He could still face charges for allegedly stealing the man's cell phone, credit cards, and cash, the report added.

The rapper also appeared to be a victim in another controversial incident. Back in December, nude images of someone identified as DaBaby appeared on social media, prompting speculation that he had been targeted by a hacker who leaked the pictures.