Kelly Ripa Shares Stunning Snaps Of Daughter Lola Consuelos For International Women’s Day

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Actress and television host Kelly Ripa opted to celebrate International Women’s Day by sharing a gorgeous triple Instagram update with her 2.7 million followers. Kelly shared three pictures of her daughter, Lola Consuelos, for the occasion.

The first picture was a stunning close-up of Lola’s face looking bronzed and beautiful. She wore a black silk ensemble and minimal makeup that accentuated her natural beauty. Lola’s green eyes were framed by long lashes and bold brows, and she wore a hint of blush and highlighter to give her skin a natural glow. Her lips were completely bare, and her brunette locks framed her face in a sleek style.

The second snap was taken outdoors, and Lola was sitting at a table with her arms resting on it. She rocked an off-the-shoulder red top and had her brunette tresses pulled back in a low ponytail. The table where she was sitting was near a gathering of green trees, which were visible in the background of the shot.

The third and final snap Kelly shared was yet another close-up of Lola’s face. Her hair was pulled up into a sleek high ponytail that allowed her delicate features to take center stage. Her face appeared to be almost makeup-free. A few freckles dotted her nose, and a small beauty mark was visible above her lips. Her bold brows framed her stunning eyes, and she didn’t appear to have any product on her lips. The view behind her in the picture was a stunning expanse of land.

Lola rocked a gold necklace with her name on it for the picture, and also wore a pair of statement earrings.

Kelly’s Instagram followers absolutely loved the sweet tribute, and the post racked up over 34,600 likes within just one hour. The post also received 531 comments from Kelly’s fans.

“She is absolutely gorgeous,” one follower said.

“I hope she approved these, mama. She is stunning!” another added.

“Beautiful eyes like her mama. Happy international women’s day Kelly,” one fan said, followed by a flower emoji.

“Happy International Women’s Day! WE ARE FIERCE! Lola is stunning,” another follower commented.

While Kelly occasionally shares snaps of her stunning daughter, Lola Consuelos also has her own Instagram page available to the public now. Just a few days ago, as The Inquisitr reported, Lola shared a throwback shot in which she rocked a glittery tank top and barrettes in her brunette locks. In that particular snap, she appeared to be wearing the same name necklace as she wore in one of the snaps Kelly shared for International Women’s Day.