‘Dancing With The Stars’ Pro Sasha Farber Shares Video Of ‘Baby Shark’ Dance That Includes Some Stripping

Allen BerezovskyGetty Images

Professional dancer Sasha Farber treated his fans to an inside look at one of the wackiest performances that audience members get to see when they attend Dancing with the Stars tour shows.

On Saturday, Sasha took to Instagram to share a video that was filmed during one of the tour stops. It showed Sasha and a group of his fellow male DWTS pros dancing to “Baby Shark,” a catchy and repetitive children’s tune. The song became a viral sensation after South Korean children’s educational brand Pinkfong recorded a video version of it that included colorful animation and simple dance moves. However, the Dancing with the Stars version of the “Baby Shark” dance definitely wasn’t aimed at kids; it was more appropriate for a bachelorette party.

Sasha and the other male dancers were all wearing light blue shark onesies. The garments had baggy legs and hoods that looked like menacing shark heads lined with jagged cloth teeth. The men added some hip thrusting to their dance routine, which included a few moves from the original kid-friendly video, including the arm movements meant to mimic the chomping jaws of a shark.

Sasha also did the worm before unzipping the front of his shark onesie to reveal his waxed chest. The crowd went wild when this happened. He then tied the sleeves of the costume around his waist to ensure that it didn’t completely fall off.

After executing a few smooth dance moves, Sasha turned around and shook his backside for the cheering audience. The performance concluded with some more fancy footwork.

The dance proved to be a real workout, as Sasha flicked a significant amount of sweat off of his forehead when it was over. The camera was trained on him for most of the video, but it also briefly focused on Val Chmerkovskiy. As the men performed, colorful animated fish swam around on giant screens behind them.

Sasha’s Instagram followers thought that his video was highly entertaining and hilarious.

“Actually this dance has redeemed such a silly song. Well done, Sasha!” read one response to his post.

“Ahhhh this so cute and hot at the same time,” another admirer wrote.

“I was NOT expecting this the first time I saw the show but now it’s a favorite,” a third fan commented. “Makes me laugh every time.”

“I think I speak for every mom in the room when I say ‘THANK YOU!!’ If we have to hear this god forsaken song, at least you guys gave us something to smile about,” wrote one parent who has clearly been forced to listen to “Baby Shark” one too many times.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Dancing with the Stars tour will run through April 7. Other male pros who attendees might get to see doing the “Baby Shark” dance include Alan Bersten, Gleb Savchenko, Brandon Armstrong, and Pasha Pashkov.