March 7, 2020
Titans Coach Mike Vrabel Wants People To 'Put Down Their Phones' And Help With The Nashville Tornado Cleanup

Tennesee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel hasn't been thrilled with the way some people have behaved in the wake of the tornado that swept through Nashville last week. While there have been plenty of people who have devoted their time and energy to pick up the pieces, there are others who he believes have spent too much time being victims of the disaster. Making an appearance on the NFL Network's GMFB on Friday, he made no bones about how he feels about some people in and around the city.

Kyle Brandt posted on Twitter the most prescient quote of that appearance. When Vrabel was asked what people can do to help, he responded they can, "get out and start to clean up instead of taking pictures like I see people doing. Put your phones down and pick up branches."

The comment is clearly aimed at the people who are posting on social media about everything they saw and heard in the aftermath, rather than helping to pick up the mess that was caused in Nashville. There are some who have acted as though the damage to the city was short-lived but there was quite a bit of damage and even some loss of life.

Mike Vrabel coaches for the Tennessee Titans
Getty Images | Maddie Meyer

As USA Today points out, the storm hit the city quite hard thanks to the wind that was roaring up to 165 miles-per-hour. Those in and around the city have focused on the damage that was wreaked in Nashville but there were 24 people killed, including several children. It's thought there could be as many as 26 total deaths that can be attributed to the storm when all is said and done.

When it comes to the amount of property affected, reports show that the tornado in Nashville damaged or destroyed homes, businesses, schools, and churches across four counties in Tennessee. Nashville was simply at the heart of the storm but other people were affected as well.

It appears Mike Vrabel has not loved what he's seen as far as people willing to stop what they're doing and help with the aftermath. This is while there have been NFL, and MLB players that took to social media the days after the storm raged through offering to help anyone who needed assistance. While the Tennessee Titans have not taken the spotlight when it comes to the cleanup, they have managed to reach out to the community to try and do the little things to make lives a bit better. Vrabel wants regular citizens to do more of that.