Donald Trump Is Planning To Run To The Left Of Joe Biden On Social Security, Commentators Says

U.S. President Donald Trump waits with Interim President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, after his arrival at the White House, on February 5, 2020 in Washington, DC.
Mark Wilson / Getty Images

As Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to attack Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden for his record of arguing to cut or freeze Social Security — per The Intercept — progressive commentator and MSNBC contributor Sam Seder claims Donald Trump is already preparing his possible angle of attack against the former vice president in the primary.

“Trump will run to the left of Biden on SS,” Seder tweeted.”‘when [sic] Joe was in the Obama administration with a GOP congress he offered to cut SS’. it [sic] will be the first time Trump says anything truthful. He will say this not to convert Biden voters but to discourage a small # of them to stay home.”

Seder was echoed by The Outline consultant Shuja Haider, who noted Trump’s Friday tweet in which the president claimed he would protect Americans’ Social Security and Medicare while accusing Biden of planning to do the opposite.

“Trump is preparing to run to Biden’s left and is having no trouble reconciling it with his usual bullying.”

Anthropologist Michael Oman-Reagan noted that Trump has focused his attention on health care in advance of the 2020 election, and expressed similar thoughts as Seder and Haider about the president’s potential tactics regarding Biden.

“Imagine if he decided, just for fun, to run to the left of Biden on healthcare,” he tweeted. “He could easily do it, his base will accept anything.”

Musical group Deerhoof, which has endorsed Sanders, took to Twitter to reiterate the fact that Biden’s foreign policy adviser is Nicholas Burns — a reality reported upon by The Intercept. According to the group, Burns’ involvement with Biden’s campaign would allow Trump to run to the left of the former vice president on war policy. Deerhoof’s Twitter accounted underscored the notion that Burns is a neoconservative from George W. Bush’s administration, one who supported the Iraq War.

As claimed by the The Intercept, Trump has escalated the use of military drone strikes, but nevertheless pushes the idea that he is an isolationist.

Per The Hill, Trump’s recent remarks come after his Thursday comment during a Fox News town hall in which he admitted there would be cuts to entitlement programs to combat the national debt. In addition, the publication claims that Trump’s January budget proposal reveals that he has his eye on scaling down entitlements, potentially slashing Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by $1 trillion across 10 years.

As The Hill noted, Trump’s indecisive comments on entitlement programs began in January, when he told CNBC that entitlement program cuts were in the future. In a tweet after the interview, Trump claimed he would protect Social Security, creating confusion and leading many to wonder what programs are on the chopping block.

As for Biden, The Intercept noted that a campaign spokesperson, Andrew Bates, claims the 77-year-old politician will be fighting to expand social security via wealth taxes. However, Biden has in the past advocated cuts to Social Security, a position which has been a line of attack for Sanders, and now Trump.