Blake Shelton Shares Video Of Gwen Stefani Joining Him Onstage In Thigh-High Silver Boots And Daisy Dukes

Blake Shelton fans who purchase tickets for his "Friends and Heroes Tour" won't always get the added bonus of a surprise appearance by Gwen Stefani when they attend one of his concerts. However, they can now see what it's like for Gwen to show up onstage unannounced during her boyfriend's performance of their hit duet, "Nobody But You."

On Friday, Blake took to Instagram to share some footage from his February tour stop in Bakersfield, California. The master showman was shown working the crowd into a frenzy by teasing that something big was coming.

"Let me tell you something. You guys have absolutely no idea how to wrap your head around what's going to happen tonight," Blake told the roaring crowd.

The country singer then began singing "Nobody But You," and Gwen was shown backstage. The crowd heard her vocals before they saw her. As she strutted out toward Blake, their cheers rose to a deafening roar.

Gwen took the stage in a dazzling ensemble that included a tight white top and a dark denim jacket decorated with large silver spangles. She was also wearing a pair of short Daisy Dukes over a pair of black fishnet stockings. However, it was her footwear that really stood out underneath the bright stage lights. The fashion icon was rocking a pair of thigh-high boots covered with glittering silver sequins. Gwen had her long, platinum blond hair pulled up in a high ponytail, and she was sporting her signature red lip.

Blake shared a longer video on his YouTube page where he was shown referring to Bakersfield as "Blakersfield." It also included footage of Gwen rehearsing with Blake ahead of her "grand entrance."

Gwen has been performing for excited crowds for decades, but Blake said that his girlfriend was a bit surprised at how well-received she was by the country music fans who had come to see him.

"She came out onstage and completely shocked everybody in the room, and I think shocked herself a little bit with the reaction," Blake stated. "People realized, 'Oh my god, Gwen Stefani is really here right now.'"

Blake also described Gwen's surprise appearance as a "meltdown moment" that he'll "never forget." His video included footage of Gwen giving him a hug after their performance. She lifted one leg up and wrapped it around him as they embraced.

After the show, Gwen described the crowd as "an incredible audience." She smiled as Blake thanked her for joining him onstage and told her that she took his concert "to the next level."

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Blake similarly surprised Gwen's audience during one of her "Just a Girl" residency shows at the Zappos Theater at the Planet Hollywood resort and casino. Gwen was so happy that she wrapped both legs around her cowboy as she hugged him after their duet performance.