Carrie Underwood Rocks Skintight Leggings And Blows On Ping Pong Balls With Jimmy Fallon For Fitness Challenge

Carrie Underwood faced off against The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon to see who is "the fittest of the fit."

On Friday, Carrie appeared on Jimmy's late-night show to promote her new book, Find Your Path. The book is focused on fitness and living a healthy life, so Jimmy decided to challenge Carrie by testing her physical capabilities against his own. The country singer also ended up putting her listening skills and her lungs to the test.

For the series of three challenges, Carrie made sure that she was dressed to move. She rocked a pair of skintight violet workout leggings, which were most likely from her own athleisure line, Calia by Carrie Underwood. She paired them with a dusky rose sweatshirt over a white T-shirt, and she wore a pair of white sneakers on her feet. "The Champion" singer pulled her curled blond hair back into a ponytail to keep it out of her face.

Jimmy's activewear of choice was a red Adidas tracksuit and white sneakers. He explained that the first challenge was like "'Dance Dance Revolution' meets Twister." He and Carrie had to race down separate tracks with handprints and footprints on them. As they moved, they had to match their hands and feet with each row of three prints. Carrie dominated this event.

Because Jimmy lost, he had to stay in a plank position for the entirety of the next Godzilla-themed challenge, which Jimmy called "Bodzilla." Carrie, meanwhile, was blindfolded. She was placed in front of a mini city created out of cardboard buildings. Jimmy's job was to direct her as she tried to make it to the opposite side of the city without stepping on any buildings or knocking them over. There was one tense moment when she placed a foot on top of a building, but she managed to avoid crushing it.

Carrie Underwood and host Jimmy Fallon compete against each other during the
NBC | Andrew Lipovsky

Unfortunately for Jimmy, holding the plank position and talking to Carrie left him a bit out of breath for the final event, the "Huff and Puff Face-Off."

"What do I win?" Carrie asked before they began. "What's my motivation?"

"Bragging rights," a winded Jimmy responded.

"Okay, that's enough," Carrie replied.

For the final challenge, Carrie and Jimmy had to get down in a bear crawl position on opposite sides of three rectangular enclosures, each containing a ping pong ball. The competitors were given 20 seconds to blow the balls across a center line, with the goal being to see who could get the most balls on the other person's side before the time was up.

Carrie struggled a bit more with this challenge. The first ball barely budged when she blew on it, and all three of them eventually ended up on her side. Her reaction to losing was to flick one of the balls back over to Jimmy's side before throwing the other two offstage.

"I win!" the competitive singer declared.

You can watch Carrie and Jimmy go head-to-head in the hilarious challenge below.