Katya Henry Flaunts Curvy Booty In Thong Swimsuit On Instagram

Katya Henry took to Instagram today to show off her curvy booty and to discuss her fitness journey. The stunning model shared two images in the series and posed on the floor in a bedroom, snapping two selfies that caught the attention of many of her fans.

In the first photo, Katya struck the Bambi pose and spread her knees apart and faced her left shoulder toward the mirror. She glanced down at the phone screen with a hint of a smile on her face, placing one hand in between her legs.

The white thong bodysuit that she wore put her booty on display and featured a thin strap in the back. Katya added to her flirty look with her white bandana and gold bracelets and rings.

The hottie wore her hair down with her long locks brushed behind her back. Her makeup application included purple eyeshadow, dark lashes, pink lipstick, and bronzer on her cheeks.

Behind Katya was a bed with gray sheets and multi-colored pillows. The shot was well-lit, thanks to the natural lighting that flooded the room from the left side of the frame.

The bombshell also tagged her fitness program, “Workouts By Katya,” in the post to promote her offerings.

The second picture of the series provided an even better look at the beauty’s derrière as she posed with her back facing the camera. She held the phone up to the side and glanced to the left with her eyes closed. This angle also revealed the brown teddy bear on her bed, plus a leafy green plant that was placed in the corner of the room.


Katya’s many adoring fans took to the comments section with their compliments on the popular post, which has garnered over 109,000 likes in the first hour since going live.

“You’re the only IG fitness model I follow so you better feel SPECIAL,” joked an admirer.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” declared a second follower.

“Hey Katya, keep inspiring!” encouraged a supporter.

“Giirrrlllll, you are flawless!!” exclaimed a fourth social media user.

The stunner also flaunted her curves in another Instagram update that she posted on February 25. That time, she rocked a bikini and posted a video of herself getting flirty and showing off her figure. Katya alternated between sitting and crouching in front of the camera and standing up and turning her back to it. At one point, she got down and shook her hips and booty for her fans to see, leaning forward before the video ended.