'Big Brother 2014' Spoilers: The Week 4 POV Ceremony Is Held

This week in the Big Brother 2014 house things may be getting a bit wild. Though the eviction plan last week was clear from fairly early on, week 4 of BB16 could be much different. The Power of Veto competition and ceremony have been held, and fans are anxious for Big Brother spoilers about what to expect.

Big Brother Network recapped the twists and turns that lead to an interesting pairing on the nomination block. Big Brother spoilers reveal that Victoria ended up holding the Power of Veto at the end of the competition, and she of course decided to take herself off the block. The big question was, who would go up in her place?

Cody contemplated multiple possibilities regarding the renomination. Caleb talked about volunteering, as did Zach. Cody was nudged by his alliance to put Donny Thompson up on the block, but then Donny talked with him and had him headed in a different direction. Heading into the POV ceremony, Donny believed that he was safe and that Caleb would be nominated instead.

What Donny didn't know, however, is that Frankie was told of the change of plan and scrambled. He had Derrick get to Cody and talk him out of the Caleb nomination. Sure enough, when the week 4 POV ceremony was held, live feed Big Brother spoilers indicated that Donny was put up on the block. Cody was seen almost immediately regretting his decision.

Donny has been a bit at risk for eviction of late, though he has some solid support in the house as well. Brittany has been a target more than once, and this time she may not be able to escape it. She seems to think she has a shot at staying over Donny, and at this point some think there is a bit of a chance that she might. Many want Brittany gone, but Donny is seen as a threat.

As Buddy TV notes, the thinking with nominating Donny was that it would guarantee Brittney goes and Caleb would be left thinking that the Bomb Squad alliance is still in place. The plan at this point does seem to be to send Brittany home, but Donny does end up being a bit of a wild card. Things definitely could shift heading into Thursday's eviction, so fans will want to stay tuned for more Big Brother spoilers as the dust settles on the POV ceremony.

Who do you think will be evicted in week 4 of Big Brother 2014? Will it be Donny Thompson or Brittany Martinez?

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