A Man Went To A St. Louis Pizza Hut To Complain About His Order, Got Stabbed Nine Times

A man went to a Missouri Pizza Hut after employees there didn't properly fill his order, and he was allegedly met there by a mob of employees who assaulted and stabbed him, St. Louis KMOV-TV reports.

Nathaniel Hudson says that his 29-year-old brother, whom he identified as Isaiah Hudson, called a Pizza Hut in the southern section of St. Louis on Monday night, ordered about $60 worth of food, and had it delivered. However, Hudson says that the order was not delivered in full.

When the purported victim called to complain, Hudson says his complaints were not met with a willingness by the employees to make things right. Nathaniel says his brother was told that it would be a two-hour wait in order to properly fix his order.

What's more, according to Nathaniel, employees decided to harass the unhappy customer.

"That's when the Pizza Hut employees hung up on my brother and begin to call him from their personal phones and begin to threaten him," Nathaniel Hudson said.

Isaiah decided to go to the store in person to get results, believing that it would be faster.

It was likely the wrong decision.

When he arrived at the store, says Nathaniel, employees ambushed him.

"He was met with four employees that told him to step outside because they had something for him. All four came out. Two were recording. One had a chair. One had the blade. It was a Pizza Hut knife," Hudson said.

a pizza hut building
Wikimedia Commons | Ed!

Hudson says his brother was then stabbed nine times. He claims that his injuries were so severe that "he bled on his children, he bled on his wife." He further notes that his brother, who was taken to an area hospital, received multiple stitches, even having had his ear stitched back on.

"He can't even walk at this point. He has no strength whatsoever. He's covered in stitches," he said.

Isaiah Hudson currently remains in a hospital and in critical but stable condition.

At least one arrest, that of a 24-year-old man whose name has not been released as of this writing, has been made in connection with this incident.

Pizza Hut, meanwhile, said in a statement that it is working with the owner of the franchise location to get to the bottom of what happened and is cooperating with local law enforcement.

This is the second time in a matter of days that a food worker has been accused of responding to an unhappy customer with violence. As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, a Georgia employee of a Checkers restaurant allegedly shot a customer who complained about his wing order.