A Woman’s Transplanted Hand Changed To Match The Rest Of Her Skin Tone

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Doctors and scientists expressed amazement after a woman’s transplanted hands changed color to match the rest of her skin tone. Physicians stated that this is the first case of the intriguing health phenomenon and these professionals expressed hope that the remarkable situation will spark more research.

According to The Indian Express, 21-year-old Shreya Siddanagowder was the first case of an inter-gender hand transplant in Asia, performed at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS). Her donor was a 20-year-old person from Kerala, who not only had a much darker skin tone but who was also a man.

However, in the year since Siddanagowder received the transplant, the hands have begun to transform. Both have taken on a more feminine shape while changing skin tone to match Siddanagowder’s hue.

“I don’t know how the transformation occurred. But it feels like my own hands now. The skin color was very dark after the transplant, not that it was ever my concern, but now it matches my tone,” the 21-year-old recipient claimed.

Siddanagowder’s mother added that she had noticed her daughter’s wrists appear to get smaller and she saw her fingers get thinner as the appendages lengthened in the months following the transplant.

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Meanwhile, doctors are both stunned and excited about the incredible findings.

“We are recording the color change in [Shreya’s] case, but we need more evidence to understand the change in the shape of the fingers and hands,” said Dr. Subramania Iyer, head of plastic and reconstructive surgery at AIMS.

Dr. Iyer added that though this was the first properly documented instance of the phenomenon, one similar case had been seen.

“An Afghan soldier, who received a double-hand transplant from a male donor, had also noticed a slight change in skin tone but he died in Afghanistan last week. We could not document much,” Dr. Iyer added.

Many doctors are coming up with explanations for the hand change. Dr. Iyer believes that Siddanagowder’s hormones might be the reason behind the change, though he added that this concept was pure conjecture.

Others said that more research is needed in this area of medicine since hand transplants are incredibly rare. Only around 85 operations have been successfully conducted across the globe.

Although Siddanagowder’s hands might look close to normal, they do not always act that way. The 21-year-old recipient still undergoes physical therapy in the hopes of getting hand function back to 100 percent.

The new findings come as another type of operation hits the headlines. As was previously reported by The Inquisitr, men are literally sawing through their legs to make themselves taller.

“We can push new applications,” claimed one surgeon behind the growing cosmetic procedure.