Wendy Williams Slams Ashley Graham For Changing Her Baby's Diaper On The Floor Of A Staples And Posting It

On a segment of her show, Wendy Williams bashed Ashley Graham for changing her baby's diaper on the floor of a Staples store. The talk show host was not only bothered by the action but also thought it was inappropriate for Graham to post it online.

Graham has shared plenty of snaps during her pregnancy and shown fans behind-the-scenes looks at motherhood on her Instagram. Recently, she shared a photo where she was changing her son's diaper in the aisle of a Staples. Williams addressed this viral photo during the "Hot Topics" segment on The Wendy Williams Show, which was shared on the show's official Twitter account.

At the beginning of the six-minute video, Williams had pleasantries for the Sports Illustrated model, and said the two had been social together, adding that "she's being mommy-shamed by me." She wondered why the 32-year-old mother-of-one decided to not only change her baby in public but do it on the floor of a supply store filled with potentially hazardous items.

"If you're taking your 7-week-old baby to Staples, you're watching the baby more than you're watching where the Sharpies and rings of paper and cartridges for your printer are," the talk show host said.

The 55-year-old said she had advice for the new mother and mentioned that a mom can tell when an infant has to "push one out" because their face begins to change color.

"Why didn't she take the baby out to the car?" she asked the audience rhetorically.

Her biggest issue with Graham was not just the choice to change the child in a very public place but to post it on Instagram to her 10.6 million followers. Williams said this was not something she would want to see "a rich lady doing" in a public space -- let alone see it on social media. The host believed Graham - a successful model - sent the wrong message to other mothers.

"This is not cool and I don't know why we have to know about it on your Instagram. This is not hot."
Fans responded to the video on Twitter and many of them believed Williams was being too harsh on the first-time mother. Several followers commented that it was a misstep, albeit a forgivable one. They did, however, opine that posting a photo of the emergency diaper-change was unnecessary.

"I am going to give her a break. 1st time mom mistake. I made plenty," one female fan replied.

Last month, Graham had another Instagram post featuring her newborn that elicited a strong reaction, one where she shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her son while sitting in bed.