Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Underwent Heart Surgery After Trial, Now Back Behind Bars At Rikers Island

Spencer PlattGetty Images

Harvey Weinstein is spending his first night behind bars after undergoing heart surgery after his trial, a new report claims.

The disgraced movie mogul was taken to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan following his conviction on rape charges last week, and a new report from the New York Post’s Page Six claims that he underwent surgery to have a stent put in place. A source familiar with the procedure told the newspaper that it took four hours and that Weinstein was able to leave the hospital at close to 1 p.m. on Thursday.

After he was discharged, Weinstein was sent to Rikers Island, where a judge ordered that he stay until his sentencing on March 11. Though it was noted he is currently in the facility’s infirmary, it was not made clear when he would be moved to an actual cell.

As the newspaper’s source said, it has not been an easy transition for a man who was once one of the most powerful figures in Hollywood.

“He’s nervous but he isn’t in control and has to deal with it,” a source said.

This is also the first time that Weinstein has been locked up since his conviction. He was en route to jail immediately after his conviction but taken to the hospital after suffering from heart palpitations and high blood pressure.

Just days before, Page Six had published pictures of Weinstein sitting on a leather chair and watching television while in the hospital after he was admitted following his conviction. A source told the outlet that the former producer was not with the walker he used during his trial and instead used a wheelchair to help him get around.

“He is walking with the aid of a wheelchair,” the source said.

“He is holding on to its handles to go to the TV room, using it as a walker, where he spent about an hour this morning and then walked himself back.”

The report added that he appeared to be unguarded as he lounged in the hospital.

Weinstein had been accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women, including several who came forward to say that he sexually assaulted him. He was convicted of third-degree rape and a criminal sexual act, but acquitted of a more serious charge of predatory sexual assault that could have resulted in a life sentence.

Weinstein could reportedly face up to 29 years in prison, and still faces charges in Los Angeles on separate counts of rape and sexual assault.