Pop Smoke's Fans Line Brooklyn Streets To Say Farewell To The Rapper

Rapper Pop Smoke's public funeral procession in Brooklyn has seen his fans lining the streets as they turn up to say their goodbyes, according to TMZ.

The procession occurred in the Canarsie neighborhood of the borough and took place on Thursday afternoon. Dedicated fans lined the streets as the white, horsedrawn carriage containing the rapper's coffin made its "way past a mural honoring Pop Smoke." Also included in the procession was the Lamborghini of friend and mentor, 50 Cent, although the rapper did not appear to be behind the wheel. 50 Cent's vehicle was only one of a fleet of luxury cars which also joined the procession to farewell the star, according to VLAD.TV.

Barricades were in place and the New York Police Department was present to help keep things under control as an outpouring of grief occurred during the procession. No incidents were reported.

Images released by TMZ of the procession detailed the carriage, which was drawn by two white horses. Two men in top hats and suits drove the white carriage which had glass sides. Its white curtains were drawn back and tied in place so that fans could see the casket. The rapper's name was emblazoned on the sides of the carriage along with images of doves.

Many fans posted images and videos of the procession to their social media accounts, as it ran along Remsen street.

"All of #Brooklyn came out to honor #PopSmoke today at his funeral procession," said one fan on Twitter.

After the procession today, Pop Smoke will be buried in a Brooklyn cemetery. A private funeral was held last week for his family and close friends.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the 20-year-old rapper was gunned down last month in what looked to be a targeted attack that occurred at the rapper's Hollywood Hill's home.

"Sources familiar with the surveillance video tell TMZ… the video shows at least 4 masked men with hoodies making their way into the house just 10 minutes after people inside the house deadbolted the front doors shut. We're told they did not turn the house alarm on, which made it easier for the home invaders to get inside."
Pop Smoke was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center but was not able to be revived. His cause of death was listed as "a gunshot wound to his chest" on his death certificate. The rapper was born Bashar Barakah Jackson on July 20, 1999, in Brooklyn, New York.