Apple Tablet Gets Bolted To A Table, Sure Isn’t Too Portable

Apple Tablet Bolted Down To Table

In what appears to be the first real pictures of the new Apple Tablet, the device doesn’t look all too portable, but that’s only because it appears to be bolted down to a table, a great way for Apple to ensure it didn’t get stolen or spotted early.

If the photo is in fact real (we’ll know in a few hours), it looks like a giant iPhone, nothing to innovate in that sense, then again Apple may reveal something completely different later today.

As you’ll instantly notice, the picture was edited to remove some mapping info, but it does show a WiFi indicator and a service indicator icon, although it shows no carrier.

Come on Apple, surprise us with something totally different later today, I don’t need a huge oversized iPhone. [Mashable via Engadget]