Rain In Japan Turns Black As Concerned Civilians Search For Cause

Several residents in a region of Japan have voiced their fears after black rain poured from the sky a few days ago. Civilians claimed that the pools of black water were seen on cars, in streets, and on windows.

According to The Daily Mail, the Saitama Prefecture, which is located slightly west of Tokyo, was the main region affected. The city of Hasuda had the most sightings, but other areas struck by black rain included Ageo, Iwatsuki, and Kuki.

So far, there has been no official statement regarding the reason for the disturbing precipitation.

This is not the first time the island nation has had to deal with the phenomenon. Japan also had black rain sightings during the aftermath of the two nuclear explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II. The bombs released hundreds of radioactive isotopes into the atmosphere, which soon mixed with carbon residue from citywide fires, resulting in dark precipitation that was harmful to humans.

There have also less dangerous black rain sightings which occurred due to pollution in the sky.

However, an eerie new hypothesis was proposed on Twitter, with one user suggesting that the dark rain has been caused by the ash of incinerated bodies of humans who died due to the coronavirus. Considering that Japan has only had six reported deaths from the disease, this seems unlikely.

Others also suggested that the black rain could have been caused by a North Korean missile. The neighboring nation has recently restarted its rocket program, and short-range missiles were reportedly fired from the communist country just three days ago (via The Wall Street Journal).

black rain
Pixabay | 024-657-834

With these explanations in mind, the prevailing theory is that the black rain was caused by a fire at a nearby plastic factory. Residents expressed their anger that Hasuda City never publicized the blaze as the potential source even after citizens voiced their concerns.

"At a time when the dispersion of information is more important than ever, it's very unsettling that they were either unaware of the gigantic fire in their own city, or didn't feel it was necessary to mention while people online were speculating about mass-cremations and North Korean missiles," wrote one Japanese newspaper in a withering column.

It is just one more piece of bad news for a nation that has battling multiple crises. Foremost is the status of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, which may be canceled due to coronavirus fears, as was previously reported by The Inquisitr.