Oregon Woman Ashreana Scott Is Suing Chuck E. Cheese After Her Hair Got Stuck In A Ticket Machine

Oregon woman Ashreana Scott is suing Chuck E. Cheese for damages after her hair got caught in a ticketing machine for 20 minutes, reports People Magazine.

Scott claims that in December 2019, she was feeding paper tickets into the machine at the Southeast Portland Chuck E. Cheese when it started eating her hair. She asserted that it took approximately 20 minutes for an employee to assist her and help her get free. People did not say if Scott was by herself when the incident happened or if she was visiting the establishment with other individuals. The piece did not mention any witnesses.

Since then, Scott says that she has been suffering from headaches and distress caused by the hair-catching incident. According to the article, she intends to sue CEC Entertainment for $1,000 in damages due to a lack of proper warning at the establishment. She is also asking for a jury trial.

"Defendant failed to use reasonable care in the design and layout of its ticket counting machine to ensure that guests like plaintiff would not get their hair caught in the machine," said her attorney, Michael Fuller.

The People article also quotes the lawsuit saying that Chuck E. Cheese did not "use reasonable care in the training and supervision of its employees" to provide the proper assistance in the event something like this happens on their property.

Before a suit was filed, Fuller said he asked CEC Entertainment to settle the negligence claim outside of court but was denied.

The manager from the Chuck E. Cheese in question told reporters proper warning signs were present near the machine but would give no further comment on the litigation.

A sign is posted in front of a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

Scott's lawsuit may have some merit in a courtroom because this isn't the first time something like this has taken place at a Chuck E. Cheese.

Click on Detroit reported on a case from three years ago where a 3-year-old girl had her hair ripped out by a ticketing machine inside the Chuck E. Cheese in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The child's mother alleged that an employee made a rude comment after it happened and that her daughter was left with two bald spots. She went on to say that her child suffered from persistent nightmares for several days after.

Last year, The Inquisitr reported on a viral claim from popular YouTuber Shane Dawson that accused the family entertainment restaurant of reusing pizza slices and serving mismatched pizzas to guests. After his allegations picked up steam, the company came forward to deny the charge.