Howard Stern Attacks Bernie Sanders As ‘Karl Marx Jr.’ & Expresses Fear At His Possible Nomination

Radio personality Howard Stern presides over the NASDAQ opening bell January 3, 2006 in New York City.
Mario Tama / Getty Images

Veteran radio host Howard Stern took aim at Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on a recent episode of his eponymous SiriusXM show. As reported by Breitbart, Stern, who is not a fan of Sanders and his revolutionary politics, called the 78-year-old politician “Karl Marx Jr.” and expressed more fear at his nomination than the coronavirus.

“The coronavirus is [a] pandemic, pandemic, pandemic, so this person said to me, ‘what are you going to do? What are you going to do?'” Stern said, recalling a recent conversation he had.

“I’m not doing anything, I’m more concerned Karl Marx Jr. is going to get the Democratic nomination.”

In Stern’s eyes, Sanders does not stand a chance of winning against Donald Trump. Instead, the radio show host expressed his belief that a “good strong moderate” is the best bet against the president in the general election. According to Stern, Sanders’ promises of free college and free healthcare are a detriment to his electability and will never pass either Democrats or Republicans in Congress.

Despite Stern’s claims relating to health care, polling suggests that many Americans are supportive of Sanders’ approach. As reported by Common Dreams, exit polls from every Super Tuesday state showed that the majority of Democratic voters are in favor of eliminating private insurance for a single-payer, government-run plan that covers all Americans.

“Important Super Tuesday takeaway that is flying under the radar—every state with exit poll results shows majority support for replacing private insurance, it’s winning by huge margins in a few,” Democratic consultant Andrew Feldman tweeted early Wednesday morning. “Is it time to ask ourselves if Medicare for All is actually a winning position?”

Regardless, Stern’s fear of Sanders is shared by many, particularly in establishment media. As The Inquisitr reported, CNN commentator and radio host Michael Smerconish controversially contrasted the Vermont Senator’s rise with the spread of the coronavirus during a segment on the network. Elsewhere, on MSNBC, former anchor Chris Matthews compared Sanders’ rise to the Nazi invasion of France in World War II, a comparison he later apologized while on the air.

Writing for The Nation, John Nichols claimed that the billionaire class and corporate wing of the Democratic Party had been relying on Super Tuesday to stop Sanders. With former Vice President Joe Biden‘s success, going by the results thus far, he now has a total delegate count of 507 compared to Sanders’ 441. Massachusetts Sen Elizabeth Warren lags behind with just 53 delegates, fueling conversation that the primary has come down to a two-person race.