Nik Wallenda Risks Life In New High-Wire Stunt Show Hosted By ‘The Bachelor’s’ Chris Harrison

Maarten de BoerABC

Nik Wallenda will risk his life in a new stunt show hosted by The Bachelor‘s Chris Harrison. The high-wire artist will walk across the active Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua, airing live tonight.

In a two-hour special, fans will witness the daring 1,800-foot-long walk over the crater — also known as the “mouth of hell” — as seen in an Instagram post shared by the daredevil.

This dangerous feat will mark Nik’s longest and tallest high-wire walk ever attempted. It will also make him the first person to walk over the famed natural wonder of the world.

A press release from ABC revealed that the volcano is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, and Masaya encompasses numerous craters and is one of the very few volcanoes with a lava lake.

“After spending years scouting and researching volcanoes, I fully realize why no one has ever attempted this feat: Mother Nature is extremely unpredictable. It is by far the most dangerous walk I have EVER attempted, and that alone makes it very intimidating,” said Nik in an ABC press release regarding this dangerous stunt.

“I am pushing myself beyond my comfort zone by the feat itself, but I know that I am up to the challenge. I must admit, it is scary,” he shared.

Chris Harrison revealed that Nik and his family are “legendary” in the world of high-wire artists. He noted that he was honored and “nervous” to witness Nik’s walk over the live volcano, stated The Bachelor host in a press release.

Chris will co-host the event with Sage Steele, who is a co-anchor on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

Also included in the performance will be Nik’s wife, Erendira, who will demonstrate her aerial expertise during the special.

Nik shared almost a dozen Instagram posts about his preparation and practice for the walk, which will occur on a wire that is one-inch wide.

The daredevil will wear a protective mask and goggles to protect himself from the toxic gases and heat that emit from the live volcano, reported Good Morning America. The Masaya volcano emits over 330,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year, said the news site.

Nik will also have to wear modified shoes to counteract the intense temperatures of the lava below.

In June 2019, Nik and his sister, Lijana, walked a 1,300-foot wire suspended 25 stories above Times Square. They approached each other from opposite sides of the wire and had to cross around one another on the same wire, all while switching their safety harness clips and staying stable.

Nik Wallenda also defied the odds by completing a walk over both The Grand Canyon in 2013 and Niagara Falls in 2012.