WWE News: Wrestling Icon Sting Makes Surprise Appearance With WWE At Comic-Con, Has He Signed?

Wrestling Icon Sting made his presence known yesterday at the San Diego Comic-Con when WWE was debuting their new Mattel action figure line. As most know by now, WWE goes to Comic-Con and tries to steal the show when they are there, so this isn't the first time they made some waves. They know that people will find it online and that is a smart move from a company that used to pan the internet.

Sting showed up to the surprise of everyone. Injured star Daniel Bryan, along with legend Hulk Hogan and manager of the stars Paul Heyman, were also present. All men there were part of a Q&A panel, but no one was prepared for Sting being there so it was tough to get questions ready for him. The funny thing is though, we all sort of knew what was going to be asked. Are the rumors true? Are you really in WWE or this this some sort of publicity thing?

Sting clearly was all about getting in the ring. He was there wearing full old school Sting gear and paint. He looked to be in terrific shape as always, so many believe he could jump into the ring tomorrow. He probably could. Sting has been adamant about getting in with someone, but he really wants it to be with The Undertaker. Issue is, Taker may never be back in the WWE to wrestle again due to his last match alone.

Sting wants to wrestle him, but it's up in the air on if we'll ever see that match. Still though, Sting just wants one match. He will probably get more. However, that one match is all he wants and I think most fans want to see it. Especially seeing how good he looked recently. He told WWE.com that he was "up for anything," which means that The Icon could be anywhere, anytime, facing anyone.

Sting Comic-Con

Sting told the world that he's now in the WWE and that he has been close in the past about jumping. He corrected people by saying he never told anyone that he'd never go to WWE, it was simply always an issue on timing or he was satisfied where he was. Of course now, toward the end of his career, he wants to end in the place that made so many stars. He wants to give fans something they've asked to see for so long.

The Comic-Con appearance would be Sting's first WWE appearance of any kind. Clearly, that is a big step. For Sting to show up like this and potentially be present at future events, such as the upcoming video game stuff and SummerSlam weekend, one can only imagine that the debut of Sting on a live event is imminent.

Has Sting signed? I think the appearance proves he has signed some sort of deal with WWE. As far as him passing health exams to get in the ring, it seems like he can. Ric Flair recently passed his, and if the Nature Boy can... I'd imagine Sting could. Sting is in better shape than some of the younger guys, so that being said I don't think he will have a tough time.

What do you think though? Were you shocked Sting was at Comic-Con? Who do you want to see him face if he were on TV in a month? Let me know below.

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